Were you looking for the Flashlight from the third game?

You're sorrounded by darkness! Press SPACE to use the camera flash from your cellphone. Use this to briefly be able to see down the dark hallway!
Night 1 tip

Camera Flash is a vital mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's 2.
It is mainly used to find out if any animatronics have moved to the Main Hall.

This is important, as the Main Hall is something like a new office.

If an animatronic appears in the Main Hall, the player has to select a phone in a room close to the Main Hall. The player then has to activate the phone to lure the animatronic away. This prevents it from drawing near and jumpscaring the player.


If player presses space, their cellphone's camera it will generate a small burst of light for few moments. It's used to check if any animatronic is in the Main Hall, but it has a short cooldown before it can be used again (about 1-2 seconds). 


  • Judging by the sound that appears once the flash is used, we can assume that Marylin's cellphone is actually taking a picture while using the flash.

FNAC 2 camerashutter (2)

The sound when you use the Camera Flash.

Empty Main Hall

Animatronics drawing near


Notice that these images, again, show the Camera Flash in action. If player would not use Camera Flash, the player would be unable to notice the animatronics in the Main Hall and their rising threat level as they approach the player.

Leading to this:

...instead of, for example, this: