Drawing room text
Drawing room
Cam 11
Animatronics Blank

The Drawing Room is a location in Five Nights at Candy's.


The Drawing Room is a small room, with two bulletin boards on the far left wall, the right one covered with drawings, and one on the far left wall, also covered in drawings. There is a small short table in the far corner, holding what seems to be small baskets of drawing supplies. There is a string of red, green, orange, and blue star decorations above the room, a rack protruding from the unseen close left wall used to hold Blank, and the wallpaper appears to be a simple landscape design, with land and sky. The floor is checkered black and white.


Only Blank appears here, with three stages. First, he is inactive, on the rack. He then turns his head around to look at the camera, then gets off of the rack. Finally, he moves away to attack.






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