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The Origami Cat:
How am i here? You're dreaming right now! Sort of... At least.

The Dreamscape is the representation of Mary's memories and the main area to explore in Five Nights at Candy's 3.

The far reaches of it are called the Deepscape, which represents the deepest memories of Mary that not only houses Shadow Rat and Shadow Cat, but also contains the newspapers and the forgotten toys.


The Dreamscape suffers drastic changes through the course of the game, here are all of the Dreamscape 's major diferences:

Night 1

The Bedroom

The Bedroom starts out as an empty room with The Origami Cat and a bed.

The Bedroom (Night 1)

Interacting with the bed causes the following dialogue to appear:

Go to sleep?
>Yes No
Choosing yes will start Night 1.

The DeepScape

The Deepscape

The Dreamscape's entrance at Night 1.(REPLACE WITH FULL MAP)

In night 1, the player's goal is to find the Recorder. Once the player has the recorder, they need to return to their room to start night 1.

As long as they down own the recoder, the Origami Cat will tell Mary, that she's not ready and can't defend herself, yet.


Following the light path in night 1 allows the player to find arcade game #1 and one of the five forgotten toys.

Collecting the toys and meeting with Lollipop is required to unlock the ultimate ending.

Night 2

The Bedroom

Information yet to come.

The DeepScape

Information yet to come.


Information yet to come.

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