Easter Eggs are secrets, hidden gems, or jokes hidden in both the game and game files of Five Nights at Candy's series. Most of the Easter Eggs are very noticeable while some are not.

Some of them are references to famous persons/youtubers, but most of them are hinting information about ingame lore.

Markiplier Easter Egg


The Markiplier Easter Egg being triggered.

Markiplier tv

The Markiplier Easter Egg triggered.

Closeup markiplier drawing cam 11

A closeup of the Markiplier drawing in the Drawing Room.

In Cam 11 (the Drawing Room), one might see a drawing of Markiplier with a Warfstache. If the player clicks on the Warfstache, the Maintenance Panel will be pushed down automatically and the tan computer in The Office will have a static screen. Seconds after, a picture of the Markiplier Animatronic will appear on the screen and an audio recording will emit a sound saying, "I am the king of Five Nights at Freddy's !". This is a recording of Markiplier completing Night 6 in one of his videos.

Shadow Candy jmuB3s

Shadow Candy looking at you behind the window door.

Well known for being a hallucination or ghost, Shadow Candy is one unique Easter Egg. To trigger him, the player will check Cam 01 and find what it seems to be a shadowy animatronic figure on the stage. If the player pulls down the Maintenance Panel, Shadow Candy will appear as a large, levitating disembodied head in front of the window. If opserved for too long, he will crash the game.

Origami Cat

Origami Cat is present in the first game as an Easter Egg/hallucination. This easter egg is triggered randomly, the figure can be seen rarely on the Arcade Area, Backstage 1 and Parts & Service cameras. The figurine in the Arcade Area will be on top of the table on the left side of the screen. The figurine in Backstage 1 will be on top of the grey shelf on the right side of the screen. However, the figurine that is seen in Parts & Service will be sitting on top of the dismantled Penguin body. In the ending screen after beating 7/20 mode, Origami Cat can also be seen on the left side of the screen. Origami Cat returns in the "Thank You Too Scott" teaser, where it sits on top of the Penguin's head, as well as in the third game where it has much bigger role.

RAT in Extras

Rat extra

To trigger this Easter Egg, the player must go to the "Characters," option in Extras. They will then must go to the last option where they will find an image of RAT. While this happens, the music will stop. Seconds later, RAT will go close to the viewer (camera), and twitch. A second later, RAT will go into his original pose.

Candy's and Cindy's noses

You can click on the poster of Candy and Cindy (specifically their noses) in The Office, and a honking sound will issue. Cindy's honk is a higher pitch than Candy's honk.


Sometimes posters in Main Hall 2 will change their backgrounds to bloody red, and words You Fell Asleep and It is Your Fault on both posters will be visible in a dark graffiti-like font.

Main hall 2 hallucination

4th Star Minigame

Girl minigame
Rat minigame

Upon completing Night 8 (7/20 Nightmare Mode), the player will earn a 4th star on the main menu, which notably flickers on occasion with the rest of the text but not the other three stars. Clicking this 4th star will trigger a bonus minigame.

Beginning in an unclear part of the map, perhaps not even in the same building as the other minigames, the player controls a young girl in a black dress and bright green sleeves and pantlegs. A banner saying "Grand Reopening" is on the wall behind them. The only possible path to take is left into a large stage room with the stage on the left side, where a crowd of happy children watches RAT and CAT in non-withered condition on the stage while their parents stand off to the side and vintage music is heard in the background. Upon entering the room, the scene progresses in total automation and the player is unable to move. A young boy (with may be her brother) wearing a shirt of the same bright green as the girl and a woman ( may be their mother) in the crowd excitedly runs up to the edge of the stage, the music gradually slowing into an eerie warped version of itself and fading. RAT slowly bends down and reaches out towards the boy, every face in the crowd turning from happy to surprised or scared in a single frame. The minigame ends.

After that we are taken to the black screen with words "To be concluded" and after few seconds, the big pixelated 3 shows up, hinting towards Five Nights at Candy's 3.


Scribble Netty Easter Egg

Scribble Netty in Cam 14

ScribbleNetty on Cam 014

If the player clicks on ScribbleNetty's face drawing on Cam 014, the reconnecting error will appear on camera, and ScribbleNetty animatronic will appear on camera, laughing. After few seconds, she will disappear. Like the Markiplier easter egg in the first game, this is only available once per night.

Popgoes the Weasel

Popgoes closeup cam 011

A closeup of the drawing, that is found on the ground in Cam 011

On Cam 011 there's a drawing of Popgoes the Weasel from the fangame Popgoes. Once the player clicks on the nose of Popgoes, the short version of "Pop! Goes the Weasel" song will be heard. Much like the Scribble Netty and Markiplier easter eggs this is only available once per night.


If the player types M-A-R-K on their keyboard on any night, a sound clip containing Markiplier making Spooky Noises can be heard from somewhere in the building. Like the others it's available once a night.

Candy's Plush nose

If you click on the Candy Plush's nose, a squeaky noise will issue from the plush. This is similar to the poster of Candy and Cindy in the first game, as well as most Freddy posters in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.


During the Night 1 minigame, when the player enters the office for the first time, Vinnie will appear for a split second before vanishing again.
Reverse puppet minigame

Origami Cat on the table

Cat thing

The Origami Cat getting knocked off the table.

On the drawing table in the Bedroom Origami Cat is present. If the player clicks on it, it will move slightly, and if the player continuously clicks on it (by spamming the left mouse button), the Origami Cat will fall off the table.

It is speculated that this may be a replacement for the honking easter egg from previous games.


KING (2)

The Markiplier Easter Egg triggered.

Squeek 01

The sound when clicking Candy's nose on the poster in The Office.

Squeek 02

The sound when clicking Cindy's nose on the poster in The Office.



Scribble Netty's laughter.

FNAC 2 popgoes

The sound when the popgoes Easter Egg is triggered.

FNAC 2 markiplier

The Markiplier Easter Egg.

FNAC 2 squeak

Candy's honk when his nose is clicked on the plushie in the office.

Minigame 7 slow Semerone

The music for the bonus minigame.

FNAC 2 Minigame 7

The actual music for the bonus minigame.



Bonus Minigame


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