If you open the maintenance panel, you'll be able to view the restaurant through the security cameras.

The Maintenance Panel is a vital game mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's.
It is used to find the animatronics around the place.



The animation of the monitor being put up and down.

The maintenance panel appears to be a regular security tablet with a grey plastic border and a green light with two other lights (that are off) under it to the top right corner. In the camera view, there is a security map of the restaurant, a red circle that blinks in the top left corner, and an eye beside the circle when the night vision is on.


The maintenance panel is used watch the cameras and to locate animatronics, so the night guard can find out where they are. Normally, the camera is completely dark, but the night vision can be turned on to see more clearly. Sometimes, the night vision is not needed, as the toy animatronics have eyes that shine in the dark and thus they can be spotted without it. When putting the monitor down, the night vision will automatically turn off.

The main uses for the monitor are to watch Blank to know when he is about to attack, and to see if animatronics without shiny eyes, like Old Candy and RAT, are at the doors.

The Maintenance Panel does not seem to take power normally, but it seems to drain power when using night vision.

The Maintenance Panel is a vital game mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's 2.
It is used to find the animatronics around the place, and lure them around the building using telephones.


Marylin panel up semerone

The animation of Marylin looking down to the Maintenance Panel.

Marylin panel down semerone

The animation of Marylin looking up from the Maintenance Panel.

The Maintenance Panel seems to be located under the player desk, forcing the player to look down in order to see the Maintenance Panel. The panel itself is white and has 5 plugs connected to the upper side: a red, a white, a yellow and two black ones. Upon opening it there's also visible crack on the screen.


In the second game it is called the SaSS, the Security and Surveillance System. It is used to keep track of the animatronics movements by checking the cameras. With it, the player can also access the telephones and use them to lure away animatronics by activating the phone call.

Unlike the first game, it doesn't drain any power, but the phones can be temporarily disabled by the animatronics in the same room and uniquely, the Penguin and RAT can crash the entire SaSS if they are caught on camera while they are close to it. The former makes the player unable to use that phone for awhile, while the letter leaves them completely vulnerable to all animatronics until the SaSS has rebooted itself.



The crack on the screen.

  • SaSS as well as the monitoring system seems to be very old, since the cameras have very low number of FPS.
    • It's also supported by the fact that SaSS has an interface style similar to Windows 95.
  • There's a visible crack on the panel's screen.


Panel 2

The sound when putting the monitor up or down.

Camera Change (2)

The sound when switching cameras.

Camera Interrupt

The sound when an animatronic enters or leaves the camera you are looking at.

Night Vision

The night vision turning on.

Night Vision OFF

The night vision turning off.


FNAC 2 panel in

The sound when opening the Maintenance Panel.

FNAC 2 panel out

The sound when closing the Maintenance Panel.

FNAC 2 beep

The sound when switching cameras.

FNAC 2 beep 2

The sound when activating the phones.

FNAC 2 phone ringing

The sound when a phone is ringing.

FNAC 2 phone disable

The sound when Candy, Cindy or Blank disables a phone

FNAC 2 signal lost

The sound when an animtronic moves into another room.

FNAC 2 static 3

The sound when The Penguin or RAT crashes the security system.

Five Nights at Candy's

Five Nights at Candy's 2

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