Game Over (2)

The alternate game over when RAT or CAT kills her.

Marylin Schmidt is a 17-year-old girl and the main protagonist of
Five Nights at Candy's 2


She allegedly lost a bet in school, and is made to spent five nights at an old factory. To get to the factory, she said she was at a friend's house.
All she has is a cellphone to light up the hallway, cameras to see the animatronics with and phones throughout the building to lure the animatronics out of the Central Hall and scare Chester and the Cat away from the vents. It is possible that Marylin is the daughter of Mary and
Mike Schmidt, respectively, who are the player-controlled characters of Five Nights at Candy's and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Upon the player's death, they are presented with one of two news clippings.
If they died to a normal animatronic (Cindy, Candy, Chester, and Blank),
then the article describes how they never showed up for school and were reported missing, a team searching the Factory but finding no trace.
If, however, player died to RAT or the Cat on Night 6 or 8, the article instead reports that they were found brutally murdered inside the Factory in a scene "closely resembling a bear attack". An unknown assailant with a metal weapon is blamed by authorities, though it's assumed that RAT and the Cat were responsible.
The Chief of Police says he will hunt down the murderer until he is brought to justice.


  • It's very likely that she is the daughter of Mary Schmidt and Mike Schmidt, since she has the same family name, and her name could evacuate from her mother's name (Marylin and Mary).
  • She could be the one, or be the cause of fire that burned down the factory at the end of Night 6.
    • The evidence of it is that according to newspaper fire emerged from the warehouse section of The Factory, the place where we play in, and that the fire could be caused by overheated equipment,
      like a Maintenance Panel and the Camera Flash.
  • It is currently unknown as to why Marylin would stay at the factory for a sixth night, as she should've known the dangers of being there during the night, since was made to only spend FIVE nights in the factory, not six.
    • That being said, it is unknown if she survived the fire, as the newspaper doesn't specify much details about the incident.