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Monster Vinnie is the final antagonist of Five Nights at Candy's 3. He is a Monstrous Version of Vinnie.


Monster Vinnie appears more monstrous and sinister, compared to his appearance from the first game. His mask is covered with what appears to be a smoke-like texture pattern.

The most disturbing part about his design is his face: Both eyes look realistic possessing white iris as well as his mouth filled with long, needle-like teeth.


Monster Vinnie appears inside the Bedroom just like Monster Rat, after the player shines the light in his eyes, he will leave the room, unlike Monster Rat, Monster Vinnie will spin around making shining the light in his eyes difficult to do, if the player does not do that in time, like all of the Monsters, they will be jumpscared but with a new sound. Also, while he is in the bedroom when he gets caught, he will shift around the room, once again, making it harder to shine the light in his eyes.



At first, the player will only see the back of Monster Vinnie's head, then he starts talking, though this only happens as onscreen text and not actual spoken dialogue.

Monster Vinnie:
"I remember what you did
they remember too
you were the reason
that we were all there
it happened because of you
and you can't tell anyone
why would you?
it is your fault" (sic)

Once Monster Vinnie is done talking, his head will turn by a 180° angle (from the right) and he will face the player. Only about 1/5 of the left half and a silhouette of his right side can be seen in the dark. While this happens, a sound similar to someone grinding wheat between stones can be heard.

After Monster Vinnie is done turning his head and faces the player, he will continue talking.

Monster Vinnie:
"all of it" (sic)

After this, the screen turns black and changes to the Warning screen about loud noises, etc.

The Final Night

When starting the Final Night, like the intro of the game, the player sees Monster Vinnie's head facing away from the screen, this time with dramatic music playing in the background.

Monster Vinnie:
"Why did you return here
The secret's out
The weight of your guilt has been erased
so why did you return here?
I guess you wanted to confront the problem
me... the problem
I didn't realize what you had done until I was in my bed, about to sleep
I was never able to think clearly again
I don't even know if it still would've happened, if you hadn't been there
But you were there, you saw it all
and now, the truth has come out
and my life ends
it will never be like before...
I had everything..." (sic)

After Monster Vinnie stops talking, similar to the aforementioned introduction, his head will turn to face the player. The music will stop, and Monster Vinnie will resume speaking, with glowing pupils appearing in his eye sockets midway into his dialogue.

Monster Vinnie:
"and then you took it away
You don't get to walk away from what you've done to me
You've ruined my life
and now I will make sure

Monster Vinnie will then briefly jumpscare the player, and the night will begin.


  • Monster Vinnie's Appearance slightly resembles Nightmarionne from the Halloween Edition for Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • When Monster Vinnie is leaving the room it looks like he is being pulled on, this most likely represents that Vinnie is a puppet, making it look like Minster Vinnie is being pulled on strings.


Entering and Exiting the Bedroom

Hiding in the doorway or a closet

Hiding and Peeking from under the Bed

Using the Flashlight