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Night 5 is the fifth night playable in Five Nights at Candy's. Like Night 4, all characters are active on this night.

Use the same tactics as in Nights 3 and 4. Also be sure to check the animatronics movements even more often than in the previous night.

RAT has also been reported to visit the Office sometimes, but this is very rare.

Accordingly, it can be assumed that RAT's AI starts out with a very low level for this night, but it is high enough for him to possibly reach the Office before 6AM, so beware of him, too.

Night 5 Phone Call

Phonecall 05
"Hey, how is it going. *drinking sound* Oh, sorry, I have a latte here. Uh, anyway. I have one last thing to tell you. Um, alright, you probably noticed, uh, there's an extra door in the Second Party Room, um, which is Camera 9, I think. And it's, it's not on the map. That's because it's, it's really nothing special. It's, it's like a storage room. Um, we don't go in there much, like, I, I haven't even been in there myself, you know. I just wanted to inform you that you don't need to worry about it, and that's not a mistake that's not on the map, or anything like that. Uh, anyway, uh you've done a great job so far, uh, I talk to you next week. Uh, good night."
— Phone Guy

*reversed animatronic voice*

Phonecall 05 what

The garble from the Night 5 phone call, reversed and higher pitch for clarity.

"You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, neither lie one to another. You shall not swear by my name falsely. Neither shall thou profane the name of thy God. I am the Lord."

Following garble are reversed and pitched two parts of Bible Leviticus 19:11 and Levictus 19:12

Completing Night 5


The star

Once the player complete Night 5, they will see Mary Schmidt paycheck, with RAT's shadow on it. It will also grand the player their 1st star on the main menu.


Paycheck after Night 5


Five Nights At Candy's ALL CUTSCENES

Five Nights At Candy's ALL CUTSCENES

Cutscene starts at 2:41

It's worth a note that this cutscene starts with screen Loading Record instead of Loading Feed, since the cutscene takes place 23 years before.

The cutscene shows Old Candy and Blank freshly made on conyeror belt sitting. Vinnie is seen in the background, and is coming closer and closer until he stoppes, and suddently teleports into player's view. Then the screen shakes and words A Mistake followed by My Mistake appear on the screen. Then Vinnie appears even closer, near the player's face, and words A Problem followed by Your Problem appears. Screen shakes and glitches until the final frame of Vinnie, glitched and distorted and the cutscene ends.

  • The Loading Record text.
  • The loading bar
  • The overlay
  • The REC circle


Ambience 04

Cutscene ambience.

Camera Pan

The sound when looking around in the cutscenes.


Output KfksPi
Output hLd0LB
Output kd95kI
Output cXgM2d
Output D8oTKW
Output D8oTKW

Night 5 is the fifth playable night in Five Nights at Candy's 2.

Blank will become active tonight. The same strategy from previous nights applies here, however player needs to act faster and be aware of Blank. Keep in mind that Blank acts similar to Cindy and Candy.

Also be sure to check the animatronics movements even more often than in the previous night.

Completing Night 5


The star

Again, there are two endings but this time, they aren't separated by the Custom Night that was played, but rather one Night 5 and another Night 6 and onwards ending. The other ending can be found on the Custom Night page. The player will also get their 1st star on the main menu.

In the Night 5 ending, the player will be presented with the following text:

...August 2007

The abandoned factory on Saint Antonia's Road 27 has been scheduled for demolition sometime next week. The now 45 year old factory closed in 1993 after it was deemed unsafe due to yet another fatal incident inside the factory.

The factory used to belong to Rowboatics Corp., a company that went bankrupt shortly after the factory closed. The company was specialized in the design and production of robotic animatronics, they started in 1962 where they made mechanical wire-controlled animatronics, and over the years their animatronics got more advanced.

A total of 6 casualities occured in the factory over the past 45 years. The most remembered one being in 1987, when a pair of twins went missing, and were later discovered to have been killed in one of the assembly machines in the factory.


Ending (1)

Newspaper after Night 5


Candy minigame
Police guy minigame
Gunman minigame
  • Animatronic: New Candy
  • Command: Search
  • Year: 1993

Starting from the Main Party Room, the player controls New Candy to wander around the restaurant. Blank can again be found in the Drawing Room, but the entrances to the left half of the building are all blocked. The only open path is through the Entrance Hall, where the player will pass by a pair of police officers standing outside with red and blue lights flashing. Continuing into the Office will result in discovering a dead security guard in a small pool of blood. Continuing up the left hall to the Secondary Party Room, the player will discover the door to RAT's starting point sitting ajar. Walking over will cause the door to suddenly close and a pair of police officers and a technician to burst in from the earlier-blocked right entrance to confront New Candy, the technician rushing over with an unknown tool. Upon the technician reaching New Candy, the minigame will end.


FNAC 2 static 2

The sound when starting the minigame.

Minigame 5 slow Semerone

The music

FNAC 2 Minigame 5

The actual music

FNAC 2 craughing

The laugh

FNAC 2 original craughing

The original laugh

FNAC 2 burst

The sound when the minigame ends.

Note : The laugh heard is actually a girl's laugh.

Locations for Night 5 minigame

Night 5 is the fifth playable night in Five Nights at Candy's 3.

It's the same as night 3 & 4, but faster.



Like the previous nights, you start in the Dreamscape.

When you talk to him, he says the following:

The Origami Cat:
Alright! Tonight's the final night before you get to see him again!

It's been an entire week, but tomorrow he'll probably have...
A solution to these horrible nightmares!
Just one more night!

Interacting with the bed causes the following dialogue to appear:

Go to sleep?
>Yes No
Choosing yes will start Night 5.

The Forgotten ending

If you knock down The Origami Cat from Night 1 to Night 4, the path to the Deepscape will be absent and The Origami Cat will be missing on the minigame bedroom of Night 5, with the only option being to sleep. And when you do, you will not receive Night 5, you will receive The Forgotten Ending. The screen will be black, and it will be slowly revealing a broken Origami Cat, and the following dialogue:

The Origami Cat:
look at me now
I just wanted to help
I was your friend
but now, you've made me into one of them
You so badly wanted to forget me
and i don't know why...
I was your last memory of her
your mother
you made me with her all those years ago
I was supposed to bring you happiness
but now all i bring you is sorrow
I'm unwanted
and unwanted memories...
become nightmares
They'll keep coming back
they'll stop you from ever remembering the truth of what happened
it was your key to getting rid of them (sic)

After this, it'll fade away into darkness, while saying:

The Origami Cat:
but now they'll haunt you forever... (sic)

Then, he'll fade back to your view, but Monstrous and with it's eyes closed, as it says:

The Origami Cat:
... but i have a solution.
you can't possibly have any nightmares...
if you can't sleep (sic)

It's eyes will then open, revealing cat-like eyes resembling that of Monster Cat's that blinks, And it will say the following words while also slowly fading in words saying "The Forgotten Ending":

The Origami Cat:
no nightmares... other than me
but don't worry about me, I will stay here
and watch you
forever (sic)

After a short pause, it will say:

The Origami Cat:
It's ironic
you wanted to forget me
but now, because of what you've turned me into
I'll be a thought hidden deep in the back of your mind
a lingering feeling of restlessness
that you'll never be able to get rid of
Truth is, I can't keep you awake forever
but i can keep you awake
Every time you close your eyes...
you'll be staring directly into mine

The dialogue then ends, and nothing will happen until you exit out of the game to get out of the screen, and when you go back to the menu, you will have a blue, origami-like star.

End of night minigame

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