And the cameras all have a neat feature, which is night-vision mode. These cameras were the cheapest we could get, so the night-vision isn't THAT accurate. But it does retain the colours, which is good, I guess. Um, you can toggle the night-vision by activating the camera you're already on.

Night vision

Night Vision is a vital game mechanism in Five Nights at Candy's that lets the player to spot the animatronics around the vintage resturant. To activate Night Vision, the player has to click on any camera button twice. This game mechanism is important to find Old Candy and RAT due to their eyes not glowing.

This game mechanism is also used to stop the animatronics from roaming. However, they can cut the camera video. They can also move when the player is not using the Maintenance Panel.

How Night Vision works

The player must double click the camera button, that player wants to activate night vision on. It will cause the video feed to brighten, letting player see the corresponding room. An example with Candy in the Main Hall 3:

Candy cam 5 dark

Night Vision being switched off.

Candy cam 5

Night Vision being switched on.


  • Such technology exists in real life, however only in expensive cameras.
    • Phone Guy also says: "These cameras were the cheapest we could get, so the night-vision isn't THAT accurate...", meaning that they were so expensive, that company had to buy cheaper ones.


Night Vision

The night vision turning on.

Night Vision OFF

The night vision turning off.


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