Parts & services text
Cam 10
Animatronics Old Candy

The Parts & Service is a location in Five Nights at Candy's.


The Parts & Service appears to be a small room with a small closet behind the wall, with a bar between the closet wall and the far wall, and a shelf to the left holding various objects which are an endoskeleton arm, and an endoskeleton head in front of a Penguin head. Below the shelf is a table holding a Penguin body, another endoskeleton arm, various tools, and what appears to be an endoskeleton body.


Old Candy is the only one who enters through here, and begins here at the start of the night and when he is blocked out of the office. He has three stages here, off camera, peeking from behind the closet wall, and standing in the middle of the room. He does not have shiny eyes in any stage.





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