And, uh, by the way, we have a security feature in the restaurant that limits how much power can be used after hours. This is mainly so that our electricity bill doesn't skyrocket during the night if somebody forgot to turn off something somewhere, you know.

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Power Meter

Power is a game mechanic that player needs to manage in Five Nights at Candy's. Power is very important, because if player can't manage to save enough of it and runs out of the power, Candy will jumpscare the player.


The player can only see the power on the Power Meter located on the left bottom of the screen. Unlike in Five Nights at Freddy's, power can only be seen as parts of the meter, not percent, similar to the battery from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The Power Meter looks like a battery that is divided into 8 parts. As the power is used, one part after another will disappear until there are no more parts left.


Candy jumpscare power out

Candy attacking Mary.

In the game, power can only be drained by 2 things: Doors and the Night Vision. The main drainer however are doors, as the Night Vision doesn't use that much power even if its being used actively. Once all the parts of the meter are drained, The Office goes dark, the lights will flash out for a moment, and then power is off. Shortly after power has run out, Candy will enter the Office and jumpscare the player. However it is rarely possible that a player can manage to survive during that period of time, which is when they are already very close to 6 AM.

Blank jumpscare

Blank attacking Mary.

Also, if Blank breaks the window, he will automatically disable the power, enter the Office and then jumpscare in Candy's stead.

Blank also has a very rare chance of getting to the window and breaking it after the power is out, resulting in a random chance of either Blank or Candy jumpscaring the player.

If Blank attacks during a power outage, the game will only play the sound of glass breaking and shortly after this, Blank will perform his jumpscare as usual. That is unless Candy is faster, cue the aforementioned random chance of either one jumpscaring the player. Interestingly, the game also won't show the graphics of the Office being broken as seen in normal gameplay.


The sound when running
out of power.