Welcome to rules page! Here, you can find all the rules you need to follow on our wikia. Breaking any of these rules can end up in a block.

Consequences of breaking rules

1. Block on few days (1-month)

2. Month block (1-12)

3. Temp Ban (depends on what you did)

4. Perm Ban (only given if you constantly break all of the rules, or keep vandalizing wiki. May be rarely undone)

5. Chat block or ban (given if you are insulting or breaking the rules of the chat, days of banition may depend)


  • Do not vandalize (may end up in block, or ban).
  • Do not insult (may end up in block).
  • Do not send viruses or vulgar links.
  • Do not upload any NSFW content to the wiki. Breaking this rule will earn you a perma-ban.
  • Swearing is only allowed in comical purposes. Try not to overdo it.
  • Do not spam in comments. You can post any comment you want as long as you want if it does not break any rules.
  • You may share your theories or even your fangames in your blogs.
    • Uploading your fanmade content is not allowed anywhere besides the aforementioned places.
    • Alternatively you can upload your fanmade content on a hoster like mediafire, DeviantArt, tumblr, etc. so it can be savely removed from the FNAC wiki without data loss on your part.
  • Be respectful on the wiki.
  • Because of COPPA, any user under the age of 13 years will be blocked until that user is of this age.
  • Do not rename or move pages without asking an admin. If you are an admin and/or you renamed or moved a page, please add a redirect and keep in mind that you need to fix all broken links concerning your change.
  • Please refrain from uploading duplicate files. If the new file is a better quality one, pleae ask an admin before replacing the old file, as randomly replacing files might cause formatting issues. The admin will then decided whether to keep the old file, the new one or both. (Warning; Delete duplicate and add redirect)

Breaking one or many rules at the same time repeatedly will earn you a perma-ban.

Chat rules

  • Be respectful in chat.
  • Do not spam.

Breaking these rules repeatedly or severely will earn you a chat ban.

Got any questions? Contact our Wiki Staff. We don't have a specific chat moderator at the time, so if you feel if you can take the job, contact an admin.