The Secondary Party Room is a location in Five Nights at Candy's.


The Secondary Party Room is a room with two strings of red, green, blue, and orange star decorations above the room, two doorways on the left wall, the right one labeled "Parts & Services" with "Employees only" under it, and the left one simply being black, a poster of Chester and a small black trash bin under it between the doors, and a cardboard cutout of a scene with Candy, with holes on the faces for customers to put their own in on the left.


Chester begins here with two stages, first peeking out from behind the curtain and then being outside it, facing the camera. RAT begins here as well, appearing from the opened door at the back of the room. Candy and Old Candy appear here on their way to the office. Both Chester (in both of his stages) and Candy have shiny eyes in this area.