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Shadow Cat
ShadowCat jumpscare
Gender Male
Species Cat-like monster/Shadow
Occupation Shadow
Starting area Possibly in the Deepscape

Shadow Cat is an antagonist appearing in Five Nights at Candy's 3. Like Shadow Rat, he is a shadow-version of the Monster Cat.


Shadow Cat is a purple version of Monster Cat, lacking no eyes, and possessing glowing teeth. Shadow Cat's head is the only known form of him that we see ingame.


Shadow Cat only appears in the Deepscape. In the Deepscape from Night 3 minigame onwards, you may notice a three minute or less timer on top of the screen. This timer only activates when you step into the darkness of the path for too long. If you stay in the darkness long enough, without being caught by Shadow Rat, the timer will reach to zero, causing you to be automatically jumpscared by Shadow Cat.

Unlike Shadow Rat, Shadow Cat does not appear in the Shadow Challenge likely because of difficulty.


  • Shadow Cat is one of the three shadow animatronics in the Five Nights at Candy's franchise. The other two are Shadow Candy, and Shadow Rat.

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