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Shadow Rat is an antagonist appearing in Five Nights at Candy's 3. He is a shadow-version of Monster Rat. He appears both during the normal gameplay and in the minigames.

He is only exclusive to the "Shadow Challenge".



Shadow Rat's jumpscare from the shadow challenge.

The Shadow Rat is a purple version of the Monster Rat, with a few differences. The shadow rat has eyes similar to the phantom animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and possesses glowing teeth.



Shadow Rat appears in every minigame as a main threat to the player. If you were to go far into the darkness in the Deepscape area, you would eventually be chased by a giant rat that you can only just about see in the darkness. If the rat catches you, you will be greeted with a pixelated 3D screen of Shadow Rat with no eyes, triggering a deep static scream. The screen will go away, and you will be teleported back to the path at the beggining of Deepscape.


Shadow Rat's behavior is exactly the same as for Monster Rat. The only difference being his unbelievable speed at appearing at the door, wardrobe and closet, and dodging. He distorts Recorder like Monster Rat.


  • The Shadow Rat is similar to Shadow Candy from the first game.
    • This is ment both by appearance (as they are shadows), and the fact that they are both shadow versions of main antagonists in the games.
  • Shadow Rat is one of the three shadow animatronics in the Five Nights at Candy's franchise. The other two are Shadow Candy, and Shadow Cat.
  • Shadow Rat is the 1st shadow animatronic to attack Mary, the 2nd being Shadow Cat after the timer has ticked down.
  • Shadow Rat doesn’t have eyes unlike Monster Rat making his eyes look similar to The Rat.
  • The reason Shadow Rat disappears once you get onto the light path might represent how shadows disappear once a light has gotten near it.

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