The Staff Area

The Staff Area or the Employees Room where in Rat and Cats theater, where Vinnie was in the table.In night 5, where Mary Schmidt or Mary Hide in the Closet, then the Actor playing Rat cornered Mary, and was about to catch her until The Puppeteer entered the room and complained about him being drunk and threatened to make him go home, which he replied saying he's the star of the show, refusing the opportunity to go home. The Puppeteer then continued threating him, which resulted in The Actor playing Rat to start choking The Puppeteer, resulting on him being pushed and hitting his head on the side of the table containing Vinnie and bleed out. The actor playing The Cat then enters the room asking what is happening, that is, before noticing the dead body. Which resulted in The Puppeteer ordering him to lock the door, after that, they started an argument about whether or not they will tell the truth, which resulted in The actor playing Cat to try to call the police and tell the truth. The Puppeteer then choked him to death and answered the call, saying that he found them dead in the Staff Area.