The Penguin is an animatronic antagonist in Five Nights at Candy's.

Before the game was Planned, the Penguin was simply a fan-made animatronic created by Emil Macko.


The Penguin is a short black penguin animatronic in a tuxedo with a white face, a Red Bowtie, One black button, a protruded orange beak, orange flippers for feet, black flippers for arms, and blue eyes.


The Penguin starts off camera, then opens one of the doors in the Main Party Room. He will then proceed to move to the Main Hall 1, the Main Hall 2, and finally appearing at the doorway in the Entrance Hall. His shiny eyes are lower down, so the player might miss the Penguin when looking at the right door.


Penguin office closeup

The Penguin under the office desk.

Unlike the others, the Penguin does not kill the player, and instead stands below the office desk, closing or opening random doors while the camera is up while saying "Can I take your order". The way he gets in is unique and he will actually go away if the player stares at him while he is at the door, so the player doesn't need to close it if they stare at him, but he will get in if the player has the door open and look at the left side or when the monitor is up. When he gets in the lights will flicker for a few seconds and he will be sitting under the office desk.


  • The Penguin's voice was made with
    • The voice is oddly deep despite his size.
  • This is the only animatronic in both FNAC 1 and 2 that doesn't have a jumpscare.
  • The Penguin is known to be the smallest animatronic in the FNAC series.
  • In tumblr, he is missing his left eye.
  • Emil Macko often refers to him as "Legless R2D2".
    • According to Emil, the Penguin has wheels, presumably on his feet.

The Penguin, also known as the Withered Penguin, returns in Five Nights at Candy's 2 in a disrepaired state.


The Penguin is now a short very withered penguin animatronic. The only thing that can be seen of him is his withered face without eyes. His colors and beak are also missing as his face is now just plain silver, and is slightly burned, part of his bowtie is also missing and parts of his head are also missing.


953 pre crash penguin

Penguin right before crashing SaSS.

If the player spots the Penguin on camera, he'll crash their security system, leaving them unable to use the cameras and telephones and thus vulvernable to the other animatronics. The player can escape his attack by quickly changing to another camera or exiting the Maintenance Panel.


  • The Penguin first appeared in the fourth teaser, in the same pose as his ingame pose. Brightening the teaser revealed he was transparent, having one of the rooms behind him.
  • His behaviour is very similar to Phantom BB in FNAF 3, in which he doesn't kill the player, but holds the player back from keeping away the other animatronics for a short period of the time (Unless the camera is quickly closed or switched, which is once again, very similar to Phantom BB). The way he appears up close to the camera is especially similar to how Phantom BB is seen on cameras.
  • The Penguin is the 1 of the 4 characters that don't have a counterpart, the others being Chester, RAT and Blank.
  • This is the only animatronic in both FNAC 1 and 2 that doesn't have a jumpscare.
  • The Penguin is known to be the smallest animatronic in the FNAC series.
  • Due to his slightly burned face, he may be a foreshadowing of the fire in The Factory after Night 6.
    • This fact is very similar to phantoms from Five Nights at Freddy's 3, since they were foreshadowng of the fire of Fazbear's Fright.


Penguin 01

The Penguin when opening or closing a door.


FNAC 2 static 3

The sound when The Penguin is crashing the security system.

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