Welcome to the staff page! Here you can find a complete list of our staff members. As for now we are in search of new staff members. If you are interested, you must meet the requirements below.

How to become Admin

In order to become a staff member/Admin, you must meet these requirements:

1. Be active on the wiki and edit a lot.

2. Make the wiki a better place, either by sharing new ideas or simply improving some articles.

3. Have not been banned/blocked recently.

WARNING! Begging for a position will give you nothing. If you beg too much to become an admin, you may be blocked.


50   Jevron L Freeman (Founder/Left the Wiki)

50   Semerone (Secondary in charge, Admin)

50   CrossDude3 (Third in charge, Admin)

50   Tuparman (Stepped down)

Alliance Admins

The following admins have been traded from other wikis that are allied with us:

Five Nights at Candys Wikia

50  PalomonsF (Founder of Five Nights at Candys Wikia)

50  Scientedfic

50  PhiltheFox


Our wiki is new, but we already have a lot of content. That being said, we are in search of staff members as mentioned in the info section.

If you have any questions, regarding the wiki, or if you have a problem, contact these people. If you want to become an admin, or you think that you are good enough for the position, ask a bureaucrat politely. DO NOT BEG.